Wolf Creek Lodge

A Cohousing Community for Active Adults in the Sierra Foothills

We at Wolf Creek Lodge are a group of independent, active adults who have come together to create a supportive community in which we can age safely and live fully with dignity and humor. Inspired by the splendid, serene and natural setting in which we live, we strive to be responsible stewards dedicated to sustaining our physical environment. While acknowledging that each of us holds dear our personal views and beliefs, it is our individual commitment to the core values and goals we share that unite and guide us. In a community fostered by patience, open-mindedness, respect and trust, we enjoy a cooperative, harmonious way of living, full of laughter and joyful conviviality. Together, we learn and grow, sharing a strong sense of belonging and a heartfelt experience of coming home.

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I am interested in having Wolf Creek Lodge included in your directory. Please let me know what is involved.

Bob M.

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