Welcome to Your Next Neighborhood in the Golden State

Is it any surprise that the country's most populous state has the greatest number of cohousing neighborhoods? We're everywhere from the heart of downtown Oakland (12 minutes from downtown San Francisco) to 49ers country Nevada City to an urban EcoVillage near the heart of L.A. to the subtle hidden shores of Arcata. We're up and down the Central Valley, scattered around Wine Country, and stretching down the Central Coast, featuring the first U.S. new build and the first organically-created community, the most urban, the first senior cohousing neighborhood, and the most innovative in affordability.

California Cohousing neighborhoods and professionals are planning some exciting events this year: tours including site visits,bus tours, walking tours, and carpool tours, open houses, orientations, workshopsbooths at festivals, and more. This site is the place to learn about all these.