Community: Connect! in Oakland:May 27

NOTE: This page is for the first CC Oakland last May. For today's Community Connect at PLACE, click here.

Community_Connect_Oakland.pngCalling all Social Change Agents Who Want Support in Achieving Their Goals

Join us for interactive activities and breakout sessions that encourage collaboration 

Revitalize your passion for creating a better world

Share your knowledge and gifts

• Find folks who have common values and with whom you can collaborate

Nourish established connections

Workshop and Conversation Topics include:

Your Topic/Presentation: Anyone who wants to facilitate a 1 hour workshop or a 1/2 hour conversation during dinner. Just show up and we will support you!  

Create a Thriving Time Bank: Learn from the experienced founder of the eleven year old, 2500 member Dane County TimeBank  She will share keys to having a Timebank that connects non-profits with volunteers and will answer your questions.   Stephanie Rearden of Mutual Aid Networks Stephanie will be giving a longer workshop on Sat. May 28 at the Long Haul in Berkeley. More details at

From the Ground Up: Conversation about how new systems are created, Gandhi’s model of “Constructive Program” and its relevance for social change.  Maja Bengston,

Transition Towns: Making changes locally in ways that profoundly affect your neighborhood and local influence.

Sustainable Menstruation: For health and the environment, changing our ways of dealing with the natural flow is essential. Kimberley D.C. Schroder

Tiny Home Villages: Building self-governing communities that meet the needs of homeless and marginalized people. Betsy Morris, Cohousing Coach

The Recession Generation: Creatively and courageously meeting the unique challenges facing millennials of all ages. David Giesen and Jacob Shwartz-Lucas, coordinators of

Aging in Community: Living a rich life in the golden years among people who joyfully can support you until death. Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach,

Community Living for Social Change: How living in a co-housing community helps a social change agent be more effective.  Alice Green

Simplifying & Organizing: Sorting out and then keeping only that which gives you joy and finding a place for everything so you have more time to contribute. Patricia Mikkelson, Simplified Living Coach


Stephanie Rearick of Mutual Aid Networks Maja Bengtson
Stephanie Rearick from Dane County Timebank (Madison, Wisconsin).is currently working with the Mutual Aid Networks, creating pilot programs that combine technology with people power to support the creation of collaborative economies where people are able to use their talents to do what they love to help build a better world. She is a recip Maja Bengtson has a MA in Counseling Psychology with a Specialization in Conflict Resolution and Organization Development. She has worked with personal development since 1991, including a decade with Nonviolent Communication (NVC). 
she will facilitate a conversation: From the Ground Up 
Conversation about how new systems are created, Gandhi’s model of “Constructive Program” and its relevance for social change. 
David Glover wears many hats. In addition to teaching people how to make money being a Lyft Driver, he has a one man show called Old Happens. Old Happens is a solo performance play by David Glover about growing old and finding total acceptance in the process, with pride and dignity for all life.
Jacob_Swhartz-Lucas.jpg Patricia Mikkelson, community consultant and coach Alice Green, Activist
Jacob Shwartz-Lucas is Outreach Coordinator for the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation in New York, and producer of the Bay Area's upcoming Recession Generation conference. He'll talk about the basis for Earth Sharing and land trusts: a Land-Value Tax. Patricia Mikkelson is a mother, community organizer, simplified living coach (aka professional organizer) and founder of the Critical Mass Project. Her goal is to find a team of people with complementary skills and shared values who can create an eco-village where they can work together to empower transformational leaders and organizations to joyfully and efficiently expand their life-giving influence. Alice Green has been a life-long activist. Her main passion is helping the People's Life Fund. She is an avid gardener and bicyclist and lives super simply in the Berkeley Cohousing community which she helped co-found. She'll speak about how community helps her live a rich but simple life without paying taxes.
Betsy Morris Raines Cohen's profile photo How about you?
Betsy Morris is a Cohousing Coach and community organizer who will speak about what it will take to legalize Tiny Home (Eco)Villages Cohousing Coach Raines Cohen will talk about Aging in Community: Senior and intergenerational cohousing neighborhoods, and how we can Live Well Together. How about you? We'll have room for you to talk and share about your passion.

Bay Area Community ExchangeCooperatively organized by East Bay Cohousing/Cohousing CA, Critical Mass Project, and Bay Area Community ExchangeCalCoho_logo.png

You can sign up to be part of the Bay Area Community Exchange while you are at this event.

Come for the entire event (highly recommended), or just drop in any time. 

Potluck: Bring a healthy dish to share and serving utensils. (please keep in mind our vegan, gluten-free, allergic, and diabetic friends, and clearly label ingredients. You can also just bring a salad bar-type dish (like lettuce, olives, grated vegies, salad dressing) for people who want to make a salad. Keep it simple!

Bring: flyers, business cards, notices, and books for people to look at.

Come for the entire event (highly recommended), or just drop in any time. 


 6-6:20 PM: Arrive and get settled in. Set out networking material, post notices (including needs and offerings) and make a creative name tag. Put your food on the table.  

 6:20-6:30 Get help in small groups to develop a 30 second "essence blurb" where you will help people to know very quickly what is important for them to know about you.

6:30-6:45 Opening circle: Share "Essence Blurbs" and topics of conversations and workshops

 6:45-7 Create the space: Using open space technology, we will quickly create a schedule where people can briefly introduce any uplifting topic they want to teach or talk about.

 7-7:35 Share a meal and be a part of a conversation that you either facilitate or join

 7:45-8:40 55 minute workshops and facilitated conversations which people can choose from

 8:45-9 Closing circle--A song and brief reflections

  9-9:20 Hang out and enjoy deepening the connections, perusing the networking table, and basking in the after glow of loving interactions.

9:20-10:00-Sing along song circle. Share a song that relates to social justice and uplifting topics. Please choose a song that is interactive so we can all participate. Sign up ahead of time because there are only eight 5 minute slots. Song presenters are:  Lloyd Ferris, Stephanie Rearick, Patricia Mikkelson, David Glover

Cost: $10 or Bay Area Community Exchange time bank hour / BayBucks.

Or, if you are unable to pay, contact us about volunteering as an exchange. Patricia Mikkelson:479-313-0414

Extended workshop on Saturday: Mutual Aid Networks with Stephanie Rearick

Plus: Mark your calendar for Sat. May 28,  9:15 AM - 3 PM. Stephanie Rearick will be giving a workshop on Mutual Aid Networks and how we can develop them in the Bay Area. To be held at the Long Haul InfoShop in Berkeley.

Details about the Community: Connect! Event:

May 27, 2016 at 6:00pm - 9pm
Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Ave
Oakland, CA 94609
United States
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Patricia Mikkelson · · 479-313-0414
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Will you come?

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