Elizabeth Morris

Communifyer for life!

Army brat, moved every 2 years until I was 21, when I moved into 163 Prospect Street, Providence, RI. I became a we, with six folks who I sitll count as friends. I ended up committed to the world of community, what is it? where is it? How do we create it

I love organizing participatory events where useful knowledge and skills can be exchanged, and synergies across people and groups can flow.  I look to grow the spirit of cooperative culture.  

I can convene sessions on: 

Affordable cohousing, strategies for success

Communities development 101;  the streamlined model

Building the sense of community: a pattern language and the abc's for good gatherings

Strong Suit - games for community 


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Time to update this page! (Cohousing California) Welcome to East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO). We’re a decade-strong umbrella regional group now with over 1,000 members, the world’s largest intentional communities MeetUp, providing outreach, community, and education, hosting core groups creating cohousing in the Urban East Bay, linking to the many established communities, and helping people start new ones.

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