Muir Commons

The First New-Build Cohousing in California:Davis

Muir Commons was the first newly constructed community in the United States modeled after cohousing communities in Denmark.

Muir Commons is made up of 26 homes on just under three acres. Each individual house includes complete kitchens and private yards. The clustered homes face a central pedestrian pathway while the backyards face the outer edges of the site. Outdoor features at Muir Commons include a garden, an orchard, children's playground, lawns, and "nodes" to facilitate socializing. The extensive landscaping includes many drought-tolerant and native species. The 3,668 square foot Common House is the heart of the community and includes a large kitchen and dining area to accommodate community gatherings including shared meals. Other features include a sitting room with a fireplace, a children's playroom, an exercise room, a recreation room, an office, laundry room, and a guest room. Other shared facilities include a 900 square foot woodworking and automotive shop, parking areas, bicycle sheds, and a hot tub.