Mountain View Cohousing

We’ve moved in!

Building the human links that make a community started over five years ago. Plans for the buildings were developed with Chuck Durrett of McCamant and Durrett, leading architects of cohousing. Putting up the physical structure began February, 2013.

We have come together to create a caring, egalitarian, environmentally sustainable, health-promoting, and fun-filled community built on trust and mutual respect where we can enjoy the benefits of aging in community. We are committed to nurturing our growth as individuals, as a community, and as participants in our neighborhood and beyond. While acknowledging that each of us holds dear our personal views and beliefs, we are united and guided by our shared core values and goals. Our cohousing community is six blocks southeast of Castro Street. On our one-acre site, we have 19 individual condominium homes. In addition, there are 6,000 square feet of shared common indoor and outdoor facilities, for socializing, entertainment, exercise, group dining and crafts, and space for overnight visitors. There’s open space, on which we’re starting to plant fruit trees and gardens. Parking and storage are underground, with elevator access and a security gate. All buildings are energy efficient with universal design. The entire community is smoke free. Our residences and shared facilities have been designed by our award-winning architect Chuck Durrett, with extensive input from our members at every stage.