La Querencia Community

"Querencia – A place where one feels at home"

La Querencia Co-Housing Community was formed in 2013 near downtown San Diego, California. The founders had lived prior in various intentional community settings and wanted to create a model, and as much of their ideal housing as possible, within the city.

The name refers to a metaphysical concept. In Spanish, querencia describes a place where one feels safe, a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn, a place where one feels at home. John Jeremiah Sullivan defines querencia as “an untranslatable Spanish word that means something like ‘the place where you are your most authentic self.' Our community is on a third acre of land with 6 units, a garden space, a bicycle space, tools and multi-purpose workshop, a study and art space, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor shower (coming soon) and other leisure and sustainability features. We are open to other projects, educational and economic proposals as well, space and other factors permitting. We are continually looking for ways to use our technology appropriately and demonstrate responsibility to the land. We will grow and harvest much of our own food. There are two indoor cats but otherwise we will not allow any additional pets, only animals for livestock. Our goals include empowering ourselves and others, working to gain the protection of human rights for all people over property rights, and working to end environmental and other exploitation. We, like many worldwide, are trying to figure out how to have different relationships with each other and the world. We sense the urgency and couldn’t wait any longer to start working towards living the dream!