What's the Squirrel Fund?

Squirrel FundPeople-Powered Social-Impact Crowdfunding by and for Cohousers

Senior eQUity Into Revolving Real Estate Loans (SQUIRREL)

Join us in building relationships

When we explored Reverse Mortgages and other finance-industry solutions, we discovered the community can lead to a much better approach, where money is a tool, not the goal.

Bring your community of family, friends, neighbors and networks to help cohousing movement pioneers cover housing costs so they can remain in their homes while leaving a legacy for the next generation.

 How it Works

Family, Friends, Investors

Put your money to good use Lending to the fund, typically a few thousands dollars at a time for a few years, making a few percent interest. Feeling confident because the fund has a secured interest in the property.


Building Relationships & Connecting We work to educate and qualify cohousers and their communities, and make sure that we are truly helping. Living well together is about so much more than money.

Low Income Senior Homeowner

Income & Equity We provide supplemental income to the homeowner, so they can continue to thrive in community as housing costs grow. They pledge a growing interest in their home that transfers upon sale or death.