Positive Feedback for Community Connect

I am so happy to hear the things people are saying about Community: Connect! They are just the kind of outcomes I have envisioned.

Community Connect is for agents of change to harness the power of dialogue and commit each other to sustained action for equity and justice in our communities. Talk to one another about our collective visions for how to bring our networks from where we are today towards what is truly possible through people-powered projects.


C:C is driven by compassion, dedication, and conversation. Face-to-face and heart-to-heart, we call forth the power of hope in order to turn our ideas into practical steps. Tim Ng of Community Democracy Project


Imagine you lived in a small town where you knew your neighbors and you all got together to see how you could best help each other. That's the feeling we bring together at a C:C! event, a place to be held and to offer your support and connection. To learn from and about each other. To share sustenance. To come to a place of deeper appreciation of our selves, our unique talents, skills and connections, our extended community, and the power of asking -- and giving.

As we plan a C:C! gathering, we invite everyone to think about what they need and what they can teach. How they're stuck and where to break out of the box. We look for people with something to share and start a schedule, but there's always lots of room to add more at the door and afterwards.

So come, share, enjoy -- and prepare to be surprised. Be ready to listen and build awareness of one another. And find your way to ask for what you need -- together, we can find creative ways to get those needs met. Raines Cohen Cohousing California

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