More Folks Who Will Be Presenting: The Excitement is Growing!

Thanks to the enthusiastic help from Alice Green and Raines Cohen, there is a growing interest in our event. Listed below are new people who will be coming to the Community: Connect! event in Oakland Friday May 27 at the Omni Commons in Oakland. 

Babsi’s Viennese Treats is a Berkeley-based cottage-food home bakery offering organic gluten-free low- and no-sugar treats inspired by traditional Viennese flavors. Raw, vegan, and paleo options are also available. We specialize in markets, festivals, and special events, and also facilitate community café gatherings envisioning a vibrant world! Http://  Barbara, the owner of the bakery, won't be able to be there, but her treats will!

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Loving kindness Practices for Social Change Agents: Carolina Cardenas, a professor from Chile:Carolena felt drawn to leave her comfortable home in Chile to live in the Bay Area for some months.   She is producing an event to celebrate the International Day of Friendship

Carl Gorringe and AZ Zaidi from Bay Area  Community Exchange will be on hand to sign people up for the local Time Bank. 

Carole Bennett-Simmons,  co-organizer of Transition Berkeley's two crop swaps, will be sharing her enthusiasm about local cooperation. 

 JP Massar, of Strike Debt  Bay Area, will be facilitating a 1/2 hour conversation about how to fight debt oppression with practical tools.

Cameron Cross of Imagine if there was an online community with the tools and resources to help you get the job done. That's why we created uBegin. "To accellerate the creation of healthy and wealthy communities"

Possible presenters. We are awaiting confirmation:

Community Boards

War Tax Resisters

People, this is going to be a GREAT chance to meet dynamic, interesting, movers and shakers: Social Change Agents. Come and join us!









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