How to Prepare for Maximum Results at a Community: Connect! event

Community: Connect! events come in a a variety of expressions.  Community: Connect! can be integrated into just about any production because our interactive, relationship-building activities and "action" stations are designed to enhance a wonderful feeling of community with attendees.
  • Flyers
  • Business cards 
  • Brochures
  • Things to post on bulletin board (announcements, etc)
  • Books that you love--just to let people look at. 
  • Notices for the "have it, want it, need it" bulletin board

For Optimal Outcomes, Prepare the following: 

  • Create An Essence blurb which helps people know who you are. See this post for ideas.
  • Create a simple symbol which you can post on your various notices.
  • Meditate one half hour before you come so that your brain will be in optimum condition
  • Think about a 20 minute presentation or conversation you would like to facilitate that either relates to the theme of the event, or which helps attendees connect, have fun, relax, etc.
  • Have clear intentions about how you want to interact with people in respectful, connecting, authentic ways that yield deep connections that can lead to further collaborations, team building and friendships





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