Create Your "Essence Blurb"

Your "Essence Blurb" is something like an Elevator Speech. We thought a new title might bring inspiration and freshness to the idea. You will have 30 seconds during the opening circle to share about yourself. We will have sentences written out for you to complete We are still refining them, and would enjoy your feedback. Of course you are free to share anything you want!

  1. My name is...
  2. My roots are... (where you call home right now)
  3. My home now is....(your neighborhood, city, community)
  4. One thing I am passionate about is...
  5. Something I love to do in order to serve is....
  6. One way you can support me..
  7. A quick announcement is..

What sentences would you add? What do you like about this blog post? What could make it better? 


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