Convergent Facilitation (Oakland)


Working with differences and apparently conflicting needs is an essential skill for living more cooperative lives!  Here is a great opportunity to learn facilitation skills with a highly experienced trainer/facilitator of Non-violent Communication here in the Bay Area

Description of Convergent Facilitation   

A free workshop for change agents February 20–21, 2015  
Humanist Hall, Oakland, CA with Miki Kashtan of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication and the Center for Efficient Collaboration

Convergent Facilitation is a powerful method for helping a group make decisions collaboratively and efficiently. It taps into the group’s shared purpose, addresses privilege and power differences, finds common ground underneath conflicts, creates energetic, inspiring meetings, and leads to wholehearted agreement.

This FREE training is especially for grassroots activists and community groups.

 · EXPERIENCE a strategy that helps people transcend conflicts, stretch beyond their initial positions, and embrace a decision that attends to everyone’s needs 

· PRACTICE many ways to keep a meeting moving forward without leaving anyone behind - and without reinforcing power gaps 

· DEVELOP your skills with ongoing coaching & support beyond the workshop

· PRACTICE many ways to keep a meeting moving forward without leaving anyone behind - and without reinforcing power gaps

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February 20, 2016 at 9:00am - February 22, 2016


Humanist Hall
390 27th St
Oakland, CA 94607
United States
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