Mariposa Grove:Final Affordable Home Open House

Mariposa Grove Co-Housing is a democratically-governed community in North Oakland including renters and homeowners. Started in 1998 by a founder dedicated to activism, art, and affordable housing, the land is now owned by the Northern California Land Trust (NCLT). NCLT enforces resale price limits such that our units retain their moderate prices rather than increasing with market speculation (prices increase only with the area median income and improvements).
​In addition to our individual homes, we share gardens, a chicken coop, and a “common house” with guest rooms, an art room, kids’ play space, an office, a large kitchen, and dining space.  Each unit has its own kitchen, but the large kitchen/dining space is used for community meals, parties, social justice movie nights, as well as our meetings.

We have an opening!

2-Bedroom condo for sale in our cohousing community
 Priced Below Market Rate at $311,000

Join us for the final open house!

Sat. January 26 11am-3pm
All applicants must attend an open house to apply. Please visit during open houses only. Income restrictions apply ($62,750-$96,800 depending on household size*). The maximum selling price is $311,000.  Buyers may be eligible for special loans that will assist with down payment and help lower the cost of the primary mortgage.
Optionally RSVP on this page and learn more on the MG website.

MG_walkway.jpgWe value social justice, sustainability, and creativity.  We strive to make decisions that work for everyone in our co-housing community and also keep in mind how they affect our greater community. We share resources and responsibilities and support one another to fulfill our personal dreams and live closer to our ideals. 

There are currently sixteen adults, one teenager and four children living in our community. We are artists, musicians, students, educators, writers, non-profit workers, gardeners, activists, a massage therapist, a grocery store worker, and a cooperative developer – all of us caring and fun people. We trust and respect each other, communicate with care, and have a lot of fun together!

Mariposa Grove is more than just a place to live.  We believe that our connections to each other and to our neighborhood make this a special place.  There are many ways that we spend time together: eating, playing, gardening, working on projects, sharing skills and knowledge, getting to know our neighbors, and hanging out together.

We are always looking to find ways to be more connected and engaged with our neighbors and the larger community and strengthen our commitment to social justice and sustainability.  Some ways we do this: through our individual efforts in the paid or volunteer work we do; sharing and talking about what we are reading and learning; having social justice movie nights; making informal connections with our neighbors (examples: talking to a neighbor and finding out that they have a ton to teach us about the neighborhood’s history or taking the time to play or read books with the neighbor kids or listen to what a neighbor needs help with.)  We also host an annual neighborhood BBQ as well as a pumpkin carving party for the neighborhood kids, we are a drop-off for Food-Not-Bombs, we offer free meeting space to various community groups and do fundraisers for local organizations.MG_unit_interior.jpg


January 26, 2019 at 11:00am - 3pm


Mariposa Grove Cohousing
828 59th St
Oakland, CA 94608
United States
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