2020 Cohousing Open

Cohousing Open 2020
Cohousers are amazing, which is why the national cohousing association's next event, which we are helping to produce, is all about you: your topics, your knowledge and your creativity. Whether you are a world class expert, or a new beginner, your input helps us all make cohousing better together.
Living in cohousing teaches us that the best interactions often happen in the unplanned moments of connection that are designed into the cohousing lifestyle. This event is modeled on exactly that concept. We’ll provide plenty of structure (known as Open Space) to showcase the incredible talent and knowledge of our community.
Come learn! Come teach! Come ask, and answer and absorb all that cohousing has to offer. We’ll be using a structure known as “Open Space” to build community. You won’t want to miss our first annual Cohousing Open!

October 04, 2020 at 9:00am - 3pm


from your home via Zoom


Cohousing Open · · 925-281-5643


Michelle Mariscal

Will you come?