Who is organizing Communify San Diego?

Who are the producers and facilitators?


Betsy Morris and Raines Cohen, Planning for Sustainable Communities, Cohousing California, and the Northern California Ecovillage Network. We live in cohousing in Berkeley. We’ve been living in communities, sharing equity and responsibility since our 20’s, and over a decade together at Berkeley Cohousing. We travel the country giving talks and learning from and helping local people meet each other and connect to the worldwide networks for sustainable communities, climate action, and transition. 

We’ve produced a wide variety of community-oriented gatherings for our 3000 member East Bay Cohousing umbrella group since 2004; including unconferences in Berkeley, Occidental,  Durham,NC and San Francisco.  The latest, Community Gone Viral, in partnership with Earthsharing.com brought together 102 participants, representing over 24 communities.


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