What is Communify San Diego all about?

Is community the secret ingredient in sustainability?


Communify San Diego is a day to build relationships, exchange ideas, learn and share with other pioneers, activists, and seekers of the intentional community and sustainable community movements.  It’s a special time to enjoy each other's company AND strategize next steps with people in YOUR home town. 

People around the world are working cooperatively to create eco-villages, cohousing, coop houses, worker-owned businesses, time banks, new banking systems, and social enterprises. We are putting our visions and values to work into reality, as we are sharing food, homes, cars, equity, and livelihood -- and the earth as a commons. Together we can rejuvenate local government and the economy – and have more fun together.  

People are reinventing San Diego and southern California by creating new consciously cooperative forms of housing, neighborhoods, workplaces, banks, time, governance, and economics.  Infused with a spirit of sharing, cooperation, democracy, and transparency, we are creating paths to a peaceful green and just world.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.