Walnut Commons

Urban Cohousing in Downtown Santa Cruz

Walnut Commons is an urban community that fosters mutual support and cooperation while respecting privacy. We encourage ecologically responsible living, nonviolence, a healthy living environment, and we value active participation locally and globally.

Our meaning of mutual support includes listening for the needs of others and being willing to express our own needs, trusting others will listen, recognize, and facilitate meeting those needs. Our meaning of cooperation is a spirit and attitude of responsibility to others by participating in tasks, meetings, and group activities for the welfare of the community as a whole. Our meaning of ecologically responsible living is an agreement to use locally grown, chemically free food for our common meals whenever possible; to complement our “green” building by monitoring our water usage, using non-toxic chemicals for cleaning, being sensitive to our use of energy sources for heat and light, and reducing, reusing, and recycling our consumption of non-natural products; and seeking other ways to live lightly on the earth. Our meaning of nonviolence includes being kind, living in a weapon-free community, practicing compassionate communication and promoting a peaceful world. Our meaning of a healthy living environment includes an environment that is safe and secure, with good quality air and food, and attention to people’s health needs (such as allergies, diet, physical access and mobility).