Frequently Asked Questions - and Frequently Questioned Answers

Communify San Diego is a day to build relationships, exchange ideas, learn and share with other pioneers, activists, and seekers of the intentional community and sustainable community movements.  It’s a special time to enjoy each other's company AND strategize next steps with people in YOUR home town. 

 Here's some of our Frequently Asked Questions (and Frequently Questioned Answers)

What is an Unconference?

What makes this different than a traditional "conference"? What will happen when?

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What is the Open Space Marketplace?

How do we decide who gets to talk about what, when, where?

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Who is organizing Communify San Diego?

Who are the producers and facilitators?

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What groups are supporting Communify San Diego?

Who are your Organizational Partners, Supporters, and Endorsers?

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Who is working to organize the event?

Who is the local on-the-ground organizing team?

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What is Communify San Diego all about?

Is community the secret ingredient in sustainability?

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