MidAtlantic Cohousing

Organizing Cohousing in Greater DC and up and down the coast

Mid-Atlantic Cohousing (MAC) is a non-profit regional resource for built and developing cohousing communities. MAC serves communities located in DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and … beyond!  We collaborate on projects that address common needs of co

MAC's purpose is to provide member communities with support and networking for the everyday challenges we all face, whether building or already living in our cohousing community.   MAC communities are sources of support and neighborliness to each other.  We are deeply committed to the art of living in community seeking innovative ways of fostering interaction and connection among members.

We educate and inform the public at large and those folks actively engaged in cohousing about the benefits and challenges of forming, building and living in cohousing.

MAC gives presentations, staffs booths at public venues such as the annual Green Festival in Washington, DC, American Society on Aging.  We distribute literature, maintain a website and annually schedule a bus tour of several cohousing communities in our region to educate folks new to cohousing.

MAC provides training workshops on issues of concern to people already engaged in cohousing such as governance, mediation, workshare, facilitation, meeting management, facilities management, etc. We also support community building events such as picnics, “Family Days” and other recreational activities that bring together both folks engaged in cohousing and those members of the public at large wanting to learn more about cohousing.