Kingfisher Cohousing on Brookdale (Oakland/Fruitvale)

An apartment complex that we plan to convert to cohousing over time.

This is an exciting time, as the community comes together. Four homes are almost ready for new members. A long-time community member is moving in soon (early 2019), a family is considering buying the two bedroom condominium, and two more one bedroom units

At this time, of the 8 units, 4 are occupied by tenants who were already here when we purchased, and one of them (Jim) is interested in joining the cohousing community. Three apartments are currently available for people who want to buy in and help create cohousing here. The long-term tenants are welcome to stay and be our neighbors for as long as they like. If they decide to move, those apartments will become available for purchase. I am living in the future common house until repairs are complete on my unit. Three Associate members have been part of the community since November. We have meals one or two times a week, including barbeques in the courtyard. We have three meetings and one work day a month.