At Home:Cohousing in Westside L.A.

“At Home,” an interest group for planning a cohousing community in Westside L.A.

A group of Los Angeles residents formed this interest group in early 2015, through discussions at a neighborhood potluck. We discovered we had all been researching different types of communities, some for many years.

We invite anyone who is interested to join in the planning process! Members welcome from all around Los Angeles. Currently, we have members in Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista, Palms, Westchester, West LA, and Los Angeles. Our group is just getting started, we have had a few meetings to get to know each other, and plan on doing research on what other communities have done. I have some updates here: We do not yet have a property, and don’t know any pricing details. If you’d like to join the planning group that meets every other week in Westside LA locations, please send me an email to set up a time to talk. Many of the members so far are part of our local Time Bank. It's a great way to meet people and build community. To me, it's also an element of what a cohousing community would have, in terms of helping each other. As next steps, this group will be collecting resources, written materials, and experts to advise us. Please contact us if you live in Los Angeles and would like to join the planning. If you live out of town and are planning on moving to Los Angeles, I can add your name to a group of people who are interested in this moving and cohousing discussion.