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Regional Communifier Network and 2015 Gatherings

On March 8, 2015, 72 Communifiers from southern California, northern California, Texas, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, and North Carolina came together to share essential knowlege, experience, and visions - and some good food.  Join Communify, tell us

Communities representing: Emerald Village Le Cases Ecovillage La Querencia Coop Back to Earth Berkeley Cohousing Earthhaven Eco-village Los Angeles Eco-village Activated Villages Gold Heights Bordo Eco-village Project Terra Santo Seniors Village Transition San Diego & Transition Tijuana Global Ecovillage Network Fellowship for Intentional Community San Diego Cohousing forming group

Communify San Diego's latest activity
published TinyFest SD 2022-03-12 10:22:30 -0800

TinyFest SD

Join us at TinyFest San DiegoCohousing California booth at TinyFest San Diego

March 12-13

What will it take to legalize and communify Tiny Home (Eco)Villages? Who is working on it and how can we help? What can we learn from long-established cohousing neighborhoods and EcoVillages around the state and the world? Join us for community conversations and playing with the tools together.


Come visit us today and tomorrow (Sat-Sun, March 12-13) at the Cohousing California / Global Ecovillage Network booth promoting #TinyHome #ecovillage #cohousing neighborhoods at the Del Mar Fairgrounds near San Diego!

Featured on the right: Cohousing Coach Raines Cohen. We have room for you to gather and talk about your community vision! Contact him directly for volunteer free-admission opportunities by texting 510-842-6224.

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