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commented on Contact Us 2016-07-02 17:11:38 -0700
Hello co housing fans. Don’t wait for a co housing someday place . Consider this opportunity now. I am looking for a buy in land partner to buy a 50% share into our semi rural Sebastopol – Cotati on the boarder central located 2.3 acre property. It is a remodelled bdrm 2 bath house, 800 sq ft building converted to two in law units, and the water tower where I live. THis is a most rare place, and opporunity. THe rents give positive cash flow. The property was just appraised at 565k$ Party to buy in 50 % with substantial downpayment and strong credit to help in refinance underlying bank loan. call for details at 415 713 6876 , TIm Blair

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